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Year 5 News

Hello and welcome to Year 5! Don't forget to check the webpage regularly for important news and updates!

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Year 5 News

Year 5 Visit To Kingswood

​Year 5 had an absolutely incredible time at West Runton! Huge thanks to James who was an outstanding instructor and went above and beyond, ...
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Year 5 Visit Luton Central Library

​ Year 5 visited the  Luton Central library today and loved exploring the books. They were thrilled by the dual language books and love...
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Linking Network

Year 5's identity box is ready to exchange with their link partners at St Margarets and  William Austin  as part of the  Link...
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Year 5 Order and Compare Numbers

​Who doesn't love the sound of dice hitting the table?! Well Year 5 certainly did today as they were using them in Maths to create, order an...
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