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At Hillborough Junior School, we believe that mental health and wellbeing is the basis for a happy and successful life at school and beyond. Wellbeing plays a key role in our school ethos, and shapes our policies and procedures implicitly and explicitly. We strive to improve the wellbeing of our students and staff in everything we do, seeking to build resilience, identify and monitor concerns, and support students and families who face challenges. By creating an environment that is both caring and challenging, encourages risk while permitting failure, and provides opportunities to step out of their comfort zone, we seek to develop resilience in our students. Alongside a varied curriculum, encouraging all our students to take part in activities such as music, drama, art and sports, allows them to gain experience from which we hope they learn, develop and grow as individuals. We also look to develop resilience through:

  • Growing Up lessons, in which we discuss topics such as choices, friendships and relationships.
  • whole-school and year group assemblies, in which external experts speak to each year group several times a year on issues such as E Safety and social media.
  • our Enrichment programme, which provides a carousel of activities including sessions on mindfulness, yoga, art, cooking to name but a few.
  • Daily 10 minute Wellbeing/ Mindfulness sessions
  • School community subscription to ‘YogaBugs’ for pupils, parents and staff. Parents will be sent a link to access this platform at home.

We deliver a clear, coherent message: positive mental health is attainable. We also take opportunities such as Children’s Mental Health Week, class assemblies and circle time to emphasise the importance of mental health and maintaining an open and positive environment.

Monitoring and supporting students

We encourage pupils to raise any concerns with a member of staff they feel comfortable talking to and staff work together to identify any changes in behaviour and monitor any concerns. Our Mental Health Lead is Mrs Whelan. Many teaching, support and office staff are Mental Health First Aid trained.

The Inside Out

We have a purpose built therapy room called, ‘The Inside Out’. It has been designed with a wall of bi fold doors to take advantage of the outside space. It also contains a fully functional kitchen area. This room is used to support individuals and groups of both children and adults.


Available Support for Wellbeing and Mental Health

  • We have a psychotherapist who works with us every Wednesday. She is able to support pupils, parents/carers and staff. We have an open door policy to discuss needs of parents, carers and families so please contact the Family Workers if you would like any further information.
  • We have two trained THRIVE practitioners who work with pupils weekly to build their self esteem, confidence and resilience
  • We have two trained ELSAs (Emotional Literacy Support Assistants) who also run intervention sessions
  • We also offer Small Model Building therapy (similar to Lego Therapy)
  • We work closely with our MHST (Mental Health School Team) who are part of CAMHs (Children and Adult Mental Health Service). Our MHST aim to provide early intervention support for pupils and parents/carers.
  • The majority of the school staff are Mental Health First Aiders
  • Our trained School Mental Health Lead is Mrs P Whelan.
  • Our Family Workers have a wealth of experience and knowledge and are able to support or signpost as needed.

Frequently asked questions

What is wellbeing and why is it important?

There are several definitions of wellbeing, but most are based on health and happiness. It is important because this is what we truly want for our children. Research has proven that without emotional and physical wellbeing, students will not be able to reach their full potential.

How can we support our child’s wellbeing at home?

Simply by being there for them and spending time talking with them you will be helping them develop the skills they need to overcome challenges in later life. By working together, we can support our children more effectively.

You can access further information on how to support mental health and wellbeing via the school and the links on this page.

Who can we speak to if we’re concerned about our child’s wellbeing at school?

For any concerns about a child's wellbeing, please contact their class teacher. If you have any questions about supporting positive mental health please contact our Mental Health Lead, Mrs Whelan or our Family Workers, Mrs Whitney and Mrs Byrne.

Young Person's Sanctuary

Health & Wellbeing – Self Referral


MH Leaflet for Parents - Anna Freud


Secondary School Parent Leaflet - Anna Freud


Winter Pressures Voluntary Response

Support the voluntary sector is able to provide statutory services and emergency services during the Winter period and especially through the Christmas period.


Useful Websites

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