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Skills Builder Gold Award 2022 25At Hillborough we are working alongside the Skills Builder Partnership to provide our children with a framework to learn and embed the essential skills they will require to thrive in school life and beyond. We are keen to instil good habits in our children before leaving Hillborough and the Skills Builder Framework is a key resource in enabling this to happen.

The world in which the children are going into is very uncertain so, even more so now than ever, our children need to creatively problem solve, self-manage, communicate effectively and work well with others. They also need to be inquisitive, imaginative, disciplined and persistent to thrive in an ever changing world.

Research by the Skills Builder Partnership has concluded that those that are exposed to and learn the essential skills will:

  • Earn more.
  • Have increased well-being – better life satisfaction.
  • Have a lower probability of being out of work or education.

The research did find that there was a ‘skills trap’. Disadvantage and a lack of early opportunity to build essential skills leads to a lack of value placed on them. Therefore learning these skills at primary school is essential to provide that early exposure and to demonstrate the value of the essential skills.

We need 8 essential skills to succeed in education and life:


These eight skills map across four domains that regularly come up as core transferrable skills for employment:

  1. Communication – Speaking and Listening
  2. Creative Problem Solving – Creativity and Problem Solving
  3. Self-management – Staying Positive and Aiming High
  4. Collaboration – Leadership and Teamwork.

There are also very clear links between these skills and our Hillborough Habits and Values.

The link to the Skills Builder Toolkit shows how the essential skills are broken down in tangible steps which can be developed in turn. We can then chart progress of our cohorts of children through the framework. We would expect pupils at Hillborough to achieve between steps 4 and 7 for each skill providing an adequate base on which to build in the future.

Skills Builder Resources for Parents and Carers

This link will take you to the parents/carers page of the Skills Builder Partnership Website where you can access activities at home to support your child’s skills development.

Skills Builder Gold Award!

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