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We believe that all pupils arrive at school as individuals, having acquired various degrees of learning through their family and the community in which they live. This learning is then fostered by the infant school, in our case usually Hillborough Infant School, where the curriculum has been designed to promote knowledge, concepts and skills from first hand experiences and activities.

In our junior school we attempt to build upon this foundation. We endeavour to develop each child's social and academic potential to the full. The curriculum strongly emphasises the importance of children being active in learning through having practical experiences, placing emphasis upon developing values, attitudes, concepts and skills.

In line with the new 2014 curriculum, the school provides a broad and balanced curriculum comprising core and foundation subjects. Religious Education is also taught, following the Bedfordshire RE curriculum. We also place great emphasis on the use of Computers, Computing as a subject and Computer training, having our own computer suite.

Children are also taught through a topic based approach which allows us to teach the different subjects in a much more interesting way while maintaining high expectations of children's progress. All lessons are whole class based and classes are mixed ability. Some year groups are set for English and Maths.

If different areas of the curriculum don't fit into the topic approach then they are taught separately. Home learning is mainly developed by the weekly learning log that is based on what children have learnt during that week.

Teaching A Broad And Balanced Curriculum For Education Recovery


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