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School Council

The school council has 24 members. Each class has two representatives. They meet with Mr Hill every Friday at 2 o’clock to discuss how to make improvements to our school. They also help to implement new ideas and suggestions from the children in their classes.


Meet our new School Council members! The School Council includes a member of each class who get together regularly to have meetings and discuss important issues to do with the school. The Councillors feed back to their class and take their ideas to each meeting. They will also be asked to feedback to members of the Senior Leadership Team so that we can all work together to make our school a better place.


Hillborough Junior School Council always listens to pupils' ideas, queries and concerns and takes the right action to make our school the best it can possibly be. We are determined to make our school and our community a better place for everyone. We are proud of our diversity and will always try to establish a warm and welcoming school that promotes excellent behaviour, high aspirations and a healthy lifestyle.


  • Improve the playground with play leaders and better activities (including lunch time clubs)
  • To make sure every child feels happy and comfortable in the school
  • Start up the Healthy Tuck Shop and the Stationery shop
  • Create a house mascot for each of the houses


We were invited by the Rt Hon John Bercow to enter the Speaker's School Council Awards. The School Council decided to enter, with the fruit tuck shop initiative as their project. They worked as an impressive team to set up and run the tuck shop, encouraging all members of our school community to, 'Get on the way to 5 a day'.

The judges were impressed and we received a highly commended accolade and boast another badge to display on our website.

Highly commended badge 2015


Our School Council children have always been actively involved with other schools and we have also been hosts and showed other school councils around our school. One event we took part in was "Pupils in Harmony" which involved the School Councils from 4 different schools getting together as part of a Schools Linking Day. We worked together to create a big piece of art work that we then each took a part of back to our own schools to keep on display. When the four pieces are joined together they create an image that includes the Luton in Harmony badge, logos from the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and also the four School badges from those that participated. We had a great time and we hope to make the event a regular thing.

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