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School Council

The school council has 12 members. Each class has a representative. They meet with Mr Hill every Thursday at 3 o’clock to discuss how to make improvements to our school. They also help to implement new ideas and suggestions from the children in their classes.


Class 1 - Andi
Class 2 - Violetta
Class 3 - Zac
Class 4 - Abdullah
Class 5 - Neriah
Class 6 - Leo
Class 7 - Ella
Class 8 - Megan (Treasurer)
Class 9 - Korbyn (Secretary)
Class 10 - Maya (Chairperson)
Class 11 - Luisa
Class 12 - Acacia (Vice-Chairperson)

Meet our new School Council members! The Councillors feed back to their class and take their ideas to each meeting. They will also be asked to give feedback to members of the Senior Leadership Team so that we can all work together to make our school a better place.


Hillborough Junior School Council always listens to pupils' ideas, queries and concerns and takes the right action to make our school the best it can possibly be. We are determined to make our school and our community a better place for everyone. We are proud of our diversity and will always try to establish a warm and welcoming school that promotes excellent behaviour, high aspirations and a healthy lifestyle.


  • To continue with the playground monitors
  • To consider how we can add condiments to the breakfast bagels
  • To start up a school podcast
  • To organise the Science cupboard
  • To help create a new school dinner menu
  • To attend the Conference for School Councils Event where we will have our voice heard about how to improve Luton
  • To research new playground markings for the playground
  • To start up a hidden nature trail

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