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Hillborough Junior has been both a ‘Beacon’ school and (until July 2021) a ‘Teaching School’. It is home of both the Shire Foundation, a high quality initial teacher training centre, and a Behaviour Provision which, collectively, provides invaluable support to schools locally and nationally. The school has endeavoured to share good practice, has given much and gained much in return by collaborating and has a proven ‘track record’ of success. Hillborough is a supporter of educational innovation and wishes to remain at the forefront.

Hillborough is a ‘Values’ school based on key tenets: Determination; Teamwork; Self-belief; Honesty; Passion; and Respect and is, presently, enhancing this approach by incorporating a more holistic model based on Bill Lucas’ ‘Five Habits of Mind’ (Persistence, Collaboration, Discipline, Imagination, Inquisitiveness) to empower children to become creative and critical thinkers.

The school has a focus on positive behaviour reinforcement and rewards and promotes and ensures that all children have the right to work, play and live in a safe and non-threatening environment. It advocates that all children have unlimited potential! If their all-round development is nurtured in an environment of respect, love and celebration the outcome will be happy, compassionate and high achieving pupils who appreciate and value everyone.

The school community has a shared ethos and works for the interest of all pupils. Through a broad focus including sport, the performing arts and enrichment activities, pupil self-esteem is promoted and a sense of pride generated. Wide access to after school activities reinforce and expand upon the needs and interest of learners and supports equality of opportunity and inclusion. The diversity of the provision ensures that all learners develop skills and access activities that they enjoy. Pupil, parent and community perceptions of the school indicate the lasting impact that this has. Children report very favourably on how well they enjoy school. Pupils are confident in their relationships with staff and each other which manifests in the manner that they communicate with each other in class and how they interact socially. Learners take pride in their environment and engage enthusiastically in their learning. Parents and the local community find the school welcoming, friendly and happy. The school has developed excellent working relations with them. They, in turn, hold the school in high regard and appreciate the diligence of staff, governors and pupils.

The school has earned many accolades over the last five years including: ‘School Games Platinum Award’ and ‘Music Mark’ (2018); ‘Cohesion Award’ (2019); and ‘Modeshift Stars Travel Plan Silver Award’ and ‘Artsmark Platinum Award’ (2020).

In 2020 the school was placed in ‘The Times’ newspaper top 100 schools in England and Wales. This is a testament to the fantastic work, commitment and vision of the entire school community.

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