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Year 6 News

Year 6 Update

All homework books have been given out to pupils in Year 6. Thursday is when English is marked and set and a comprehension is given out (answers for the comprehension should be in FULL SENTENCES and written in pink homework books), Friday is when Maths is marked and set.

PE days are Tuesday and Thursday with pupils coming into school IN THEIR PE KIT, they will stay in this kit all day. We ask that pupils also bring in their red logo'd jumpers to wear during the day when in lesson. 

We ask that throughout this year (as in previous years) you practise time tables at home with your children as well as hear them read every night if possible. Please record when your child reads in their Reading Record.

Please can all pupils bring in a change of shoes (one for in class and one for out on the playground/field).

Google Classroom has been set up for Year 6. At the moment we are not expecting pupils to complete work set IF THEY HAVE BEEN IN SCHOOL. Instead, we ask that any pupil that has been absent access what they have missed (with lessons found in the Google Classroom for English, Maths and Science). If any pupil would like to access the lessons for revision or extra work, they are more than welcome to (and they may be rewarded)!

Year 6 Macbeth

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