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Year 5 News

Year 5 Update

Already in Year 5 we feel we have covered a lot! We have been learning all about the British Isles including the countries, capital cities and counties as well as learning the difference between Britain, Great Britain and the United Kingdom. We will be looking at the physical features of the British Isles next. 

In Numeracy we have been working hard to cover the place value of numbers up to one million including how to compare, order and round them. We have also looked at negative numbers and roman numerals. 

In Literacy, we have already learnt the story of Romeo and Juliet through reading the book, watching an adapted video and watching the fabulous Young Shakespeare Company who came and performed for us. We are currently writing letters to thank them and will be looking to learn the difference between formal and informal letters before our assessed piece of work at the end of this half term. 

Materials is the topic for Science and the children have been learning to group different objects based on their materials and properties and have just carried out their own fair test to investigate which carrier bag would be the best for Mr Hill to carry his books home to mark!

Year 5 Freedom Quilt Patches
Romeo and Juliet in Year 5

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